The power of bismillah...

salamun alaik..
Im just a normal 'naughty' girl before and im just like to share you my unforgettable experience. It was about the miracle of bismillah. One word that made me strong and qowiey!! Before im practising this word, I have heard a lot about its advanatges. The story of a wife has a bad-tempered husband which practising bismillah was very famous at my school. Finally, her husband agreed that bismillah could protact his wife from danger.

I was at the end of form 4 when the incident occured. My friends and I was about a month being the heads prefects of Shams. Then, the form 5 students (and others) brought a lot of 'haram' stuff (usual prob at the end of the year) , One nice evening, my f3 sis(prefect) came and told me that her roomate (f5) brought a handphone. I asked her to take it if she dare. Then, suddenly, she gave me a red and white handphone while we're at the preparation class. Im smiling before her for her braveness. How could a f3 student bravely took a handphone of f5 student? Furthermore, the big sis has her own group.

 Im focusing at my homework that night, abruptly my friend come and said "ana, ade akak nak jmpe". My eyes speedly glanced at the person behind the back door of my class. 'hurm.. I got it, it must be she.. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.." im whispering to myself. Slowly and calmly I got up from my sit and walked to her and her friend. Along the way, Im just reciting the miracle word. With a purely smile I greet her and asked why? Then..

"Urm.. urm.. enset akak ade kat kmu ke?" she asked while looking at her friend. she looked a bit frightened to asked me about her handphone. Then, she pulled her friend's clothe while asking me once again. " Aah.. ade dekat saya, malam ni saya bagi kat ustaz ye, ape2 pun kita jumpe ustaz dlu ye", I replied with smile. Only the Lord knows the chills around my neck (takut kot akak f5) huh.. Alhamdulilah.

Just after the prep. class, I went to see ustaz zaini at his room and gave him the handphone. Alhamdulillah, everything done! 11 o'clock at night, Aten and I prepared to lock the aspuri gates. Aten asked me to lock the left-side gate, suddenly, came the f5 sis and her friends to met me (again!) . Bismillah. They we're about to say something when Ustaz zaini's car abruptly drove behind me. The two sis stunted and leaved me alone. Im just smiling and.. alhamdulillah..

Its miracle right.. btw, im not sure - what im before is still me right now - mybe yes mybe no. and maybe the f5 sis is better than me right now. and if i tel her- she must laugh aloud.. it was just a piece of my experience.

  p/s - but, next year, students is allow to bring handphones.. thanks the govt. it lower the burden for my  little prefects ( handphone wasn't the haram stuff anymore, sis )  


Solah jemaahly

"kekeruhan dalam jemaah itu lebih baik daripada kejernihan tika bersendirian" ~hukama'~

Have you ever fell depressed, give up or futur? Everything happens against yourself. You fell really tired and whispered to yourself  'let me go please' or 'im off!', Hurm.. seem like you're the only one who have problems.. the abundance of problem. It broke your heart into pieces - as tiny as particles. Huh.. it was really hard.

But, doesn't it has any solution? Of course - Behind every clouds, there is a silver lining! (( Inna maa'l u'sri yusra )) My friend said " Don't tell Allah that you have a very big problem but tell the problem - Allah is bigger than you, Allah the Almighty". Have you ever heard that solat jemaah can solve this matter? How does it work?

I had read an article wrote by dr. Yahya in Millenia about solat jemaah. It really bring us a lot of benefit. Do you know that every person has their own wave? actually, im not really sure about this ( because I never undergo an experiment for this statement) But, have u ever come near a radio then it suddenly sounds clear? and while you're leaving it return unclear. Hurm.. does it become an evidence that we have our own wave, rite?

Dr. Yahya said that when we perform solat jemaah we are actually sharing our waves. The lowest wave is theta and the highest wave is alpha (if im not wrong). When two person with different wave prayed side by side, it will balance their equivalent. The calmest person will lower the egoistic person in solat jemaah. Beside that, the position of muslimin in front of muslimat also have relation with the wave. As we know, the muslimin's wave is higher than muslimat. In this position, it helps lower the wave of muslimin and make it balanced. wow ~~ wonderful, right?

Gotcha! thats why when you are feeling depressed-- just get up and perfom the solah jemaahly.. you will find something in your heart. Allah knows the solution of every problems that we face.   

"Hayya ala solah"