Believer and non-believer

Subhanallah walhamdulillah, Allah had gave me chance to join an open discussion about islam at a gospel  last saturday. I and my friend arrived a bit late because we're stuck in a traffic jam. Plus, the taxi driver doesn't know the place! We're rounded at the same place more then twice. Then, my friend made up decision to drop off the cab. Alhamdulillah, the gospel was only opppose the place we're standing!

I had missed the talk from the first speaker who delivered his paperwork about islamic state. Im not going to mention any name here because "the contain is much more important than the container". As we arrived, a christian man greeted us politely and bring us infront. I greeted the man beside me and smiled. At the time, a blonded-hair women asked the panel about their sexuality freedom, LGBT and the Q&A section continued until almost 1.00 p.m.

The are a lot of question from the non-muslim about islamic state. Here im concluding their questions and statements. Really hope it'll make we rethinking our way in sharing our believes (islam). First, some of them doesn't care much more about the idea of islamic state, as long as their got a better life with the new goverment. The idea of islamic state is too perfect and someheow it looks unlogic (in human sight). Hence, most of muslim doesn't practic what islam ask them to be. So, how come they believe that islamic state is the best solution. Second, the idea of islamic states must not betray the country constitution. A lawyer utter his view that the constitution which made on 1957 must be followed. If we betray it, for what reasons we created it before. Third, a part of them (maybe major) cannot accept the term "islamic state", they look islam as a very political religion which love the power. One of them want a secular state while the other said that we have to face the religion competition to know which religion is the best (but this view got many critics). Forth, hudud law, this is the biggest misunderstand in islam among them. Hence, the chinese translate hudud as 'cutting hand', the islamic state rise the society fear about hudud. (It had been politicised by some party). And there is a lot more about islam being questioned.

Im not giving any answer responsed by some individu in the discussion, but put it fully on your shoulder to answer it yourself. ~Rethinking the basic to create the brighter future~

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