salam al-mubarak...

someone is leaving because ramadhan is coming...
who are they??? someone that hate us as a muslim, mukmin and musleh....
they is the foe of mine, yours and ours... i hate them, they usually told me to do bad things but at the end they left me alone, the aren't a frens but a betrayer
however, they were not here... they have been in the jail.. being trapped in the place that only the Lord know..
as a muslimah, as a muslihah wa mukminah... i hope this ramadhan will be meanigful, mercyful and will ease us to turn into a new leave...
With the present of ramadhan let us fill it with ibadah, tadarus al quran and qiamullail
hope Ar rahman will love us more,
maybe we can't juz hope but we have to do something, what is it??
fasting is not just without eating and drinking but we have to prevent ourself, our heart, our eyes, our mouth from commit a sin..
how?? renew your syahadah, renew your ibadah, refill your iman... insyaAllah
He will help us
lastly, ramadan is not coming without blessing

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