Bernoulli's principle

A principle about speed and pressure (if im not wrong). the applications is on the wings of aeroplane, when the speed of air above the wing is higher, then the pressure is low. while the pressure below the wing will be greater which result in the upwards movement of wings and the earoplane itself. (thanks mama, still remembering u).

What about its application in life? let image the speed of air as the obstacles of life, the wings is ourself, while the pressure below is our inner potential. Is it true when we face hardness in life it will rise up our inner potential? I have a story to tell you.

It happen when me n my frens (teah, naimah, mizah, nad and ... couldn't remember them sorry) took part in Karnival Sains peringkat Negeri Sembilan. I still remember how nervous we're with our small and silly experiment with our titlte as the single SMKA student which take part in the carnival, it really make us low esteem. we devided into two group, my group sat beside TKC's (Tunku Kursiah College) student. their experiment.. wow, it perfect, no doubt at all. when the judges came, my mouth splited, when i explain about our invention, he said "i know that, then?" . until im speechless!!

At the other side, my frens is being tortured with a methodist student about our invention. He asked teah thousands of question, (of course they're speaking). i know teah have tried her best to answer it all, but maybe she was nervous and couldnt explain properly to that boy. then. he come out with a statement that craved in my hypothalamus until now,
" i love to see your weakness.."
he created a smile then passed by. my fren teah couldnt say nothing until we took a rest together. and she told me the story. it burn my soul.(at the moment la)

To that boy, with the full respect and  from the core of my heart, thanks a lot,  thousands, billions, millions and trillions of gratefulness for Allah who open his mouth to give us 'that' statement. This statement had inspired me n my life. It open my worldview to uphold the name of islam at the highest place. Never do something that make the others laugh at islam and tremble it. never, never and never.

Hope that this story will inject us with the vaccine of 'the spirit of islam'. and also thanks a lot to that boy..

p/s- 'i love the one who correct my mistake' ~umar alkhattab~


  1. i have to pay much attention while reading this post.you're great that you can relate bernoulli's with your life.keep writing.:)

    1. Doesnt it is the objective of study? to apply in our daily life.. the words 'pay much attention' seem like my english is a bit hard to understand.am i rigth? Just correct me if im wrong.


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