Why are you studying?

salamun alaik.. love to talk about my favourite topic --> education!
someone said to me " even we're studying lillahi taala, we have to get the best result in exam, and at least become the dean's list, we'll be on the stage". Hurm.. something gets wrong here, you know why? because the term 'ikhlas' lillahi taala that i understand is vice versa. ikhlas means that you're doing something in the name of Allah and only for Him, then, you're not expect anything else others than what Allah had serve for you. By example, when you're studying lillahi taala, Allah will rewards you and will uphold you darjat. am i right? ( i got this in the book of 'adab hamalatul quran'). Then, what is the point by putting the stage as your target in study? are you going to boast out with you result?

Wait.. those words seems too harsh, right? then, someone asked me, "if we're praying solat hajat, then we asked something from Allah, does it means that we're not ikhlas?" ~ this is my answer : the solat hajat is perfomed to asked our needs from Allah, in addition, Allah said in Quran
 " ... Aku mengabulkan permintaan org2 yang meminta apabila dia meminta.. "
  BUT, it is different with studying, the main point of studying is to get the knowledge which make you closer to Him who is al-ilm. In any field that you choose especially for those who choose islamic study ( and the most specially is to the students of quran). By aming the dean's list in your study will throw you in the basket of normal-exam-oriented student! We have to reborn the islamic studying system. they're studying to undersatnd it and apply in our daily life not applying it on the one-and-a- half hour exam paper. 

Aha.. i'm remembering something, my fren had been attacked with questions on her open discussin, one of them said something like this when she uttering about exam-oriented student
" Jangan mimpi, jangan mimpi, jangan mimpi.. sedang belajar malas.. hendak dapatkan result terbaik pun susah, inikan pula mahu bercakap tentang exam oriented ". Wow.. sarcastic!
im not going to answer this statement.. im just writing to convey the true concept of study lillahi taala.

Okay.. lts make it simple. We're studying lillahi taala and answering our exam paper correctly to get the best result for our PARENTS.. im repeating for our PARENTS. why? because it will make them happy in order to become anak soleh. Ehem.. every parents love to see their chldren's success, so, fulfil their wish. Finally, you'll get both --> the knowledge n blessed from Allah and parent's bless. InsyaAllah
~Just a piece of my mind~

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  1. exam-oriented system-that was a big mistake made by government.
    they told student to study,study and study without doing anything else.
    that's why malaysian student did not perform in other field of life such as sports, economy n ect.


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