Salamun alaik..

Hurm.. the sky glowing blue and the air refresh me this morning. Today I would like to tell you about sirah nabawiyah. The story after the prophet Muhammad had wafat. We often heard about how our prophet release his last breath. How much his love towards us? He begged Allah to rely the sakratul maut only on his shoulder.  The last words from him to us in the moments of dying is "ummati, ummati, ummati..".

After "Izrael" took his roh from his holy body, the sahabat cried a lot and some of them didn't believe the fact which the prophet had leave them forever. Then, the second most closed person to the prophet - Umar al-Khattab- said the everyone "whoever says that Muhammad had died (wafat), I'll cut his head off". Nobody dare to stare at him and correct him. Suddenly came the most trusted person in sahabah - Abu Bakar as-Siddiq- and said  " If you worshipped Muhammad, he had died but if you worshipped Allah He will never died" . Subhanallah- his simple word conveying the concept of the truth ubudiah, staight up the mistake done by others.

Before the funeral, the news of ansarians wanted Saad bin Ubadah to become th chaliph came to Abu Bakar, Umar and Abu Ubahdah a-Jarrah. Abu Bakar and the other sahabah rushed to the place they were discudding. The ansarians eagerly wanted Saad to become caliph because of their contibution in islam and jihad fi sabilillah. But, Abu Bakar had realize them by remembering them the prophet saying " the Imam is from bani Quraisy". Finally the ansarian agree with the muhajir by chosing Abu Bakr as the caliph. This tough situation occured after the wafat of the prophet and before his funeral.

 Can you see the important of chosing the truth-aqidah-based leader? They were delaying the proses of funeral of the Prophet just to choose the next caliph. .  Now, we can determine where is the place of caliph from the islamic perspective. Why they urge to chosse the next caliph before the funeral of Muhammad s.a.w? I'll let you find it yourself. Wallahua'lam.

p/s- whether choose the leader or perform your hajj, which one is important?  (^_^)


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