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Every seconds in our life, we're thinking and now we're still thinking. There are many picture had been captured in our mind, a lot of sound playing through our ears and variety of feeling circling in our heart. Actually every single person cannot stop theirself to think, am I right? But the ultimate enemy of thinking is --> laziness. Your laziness make your mind stop thinking, your neurons stop connecting which means you'll stop learning and understanding!

The specialist in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) said every people have 100 thousands neurons in their brains-every single people! Thats means : the number of neurons in Mahathir's brains is equal with yours, and also equally with Dato' Najib or Tok Guru or Izzah Anwar or any other people. Does it make sense that you can actually think like their way of thinking? because Allah had gifted us the equal number of neurons! The common lament of malays and maybe muslims.. " I can't think like them, my head will spinning if I'm thinking critically".

 Dear my beloved bro and sis in islam, can't you see the place of islam in the world's view? They had judge us as a weak community, not up-to-date and terrorist! The muslims was dump, they can't have freedom in their thinking. Quran had prohibit us from thinking! The prophet doesn't like with people who asked many question.. we're not like the western people. They had their freedom in thinking, they have their rights in uttering their voice. Are these statement right? Im refering to the ayat in our Holy Quran : Surah Al-Baqarah verse no. 260 :

" Dan ketika Ibrahim berkata 'Ya tuhanku tunjukknlah kepadaku bagaimana engkau menghidupkan org yang mati?, Allah berkata 'tidakkah kamu beriman?', Ibrahim menjawab 'Ya, aku beriman tetapi agar hatiku tenang (mantap)', Berkata Tuhannya 'Ambillah 4 ekor burung dan cincang-cincangkanlah ia, kemudian letakkanlah ia pada setiap bukti satu bahagiannya, kemudian serulah mereka, nescaya mereka akan datang kepadamu dengan segera' Ketahuilah bahawa Allah Maha Perkasa Maha Bijaksana"

Based on this verse, does Abraham a.s doesn't worshipped Allah when he asked unlogical question (on human's eyes) to Allah? No, he worshipped Allah with his genuine heart, but he only asked the question to convince his believe. This prove that islam does not prohibit it's devotees to ask in order to upgrade their iman! Look what at the way Allah answer His prophet question, He show it on his eyes! Means, humans need prove and something real to believe.

Islam doesn't teach us to become dump, short and closed-minded. Islam taught us to read, "iqra' " the first wahyu from Allah to our prophet, Muhammad s.a.w. We have to widen our area of thinking, accept what is good and reject what is bad for islam even it's come from kuffar. On top of that, we have to celebrate our differences. When we differ in thought with the muslim brotherhood, we have to respect others. As Allah taught us in Quran, chapter an-nisa' , verse 59 "
"kemudian, sekiranya kamu berbeza pendapat tentang sesuatu maka kembalilah kepada Allah dan rasul"

That was the best solution. Together we strive to kill our ultimate enemy --> laziness!! Nevertheless, I agreed with the opinion of Prof. HAMKA who said ' the ending of mind is the beginning of religion (islam)' ~hujung akal adalah pangkal agama~

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