concept of pressure

P = F/A

P = Pressure obtain
F = Force from the surrounding
A = Area of thinking

Discussion :
~ The larger the force exert on the person, the higher the pressure receive
~ The smaller the area of thinking, the higher the pressure obtain
~ The relationship between force from surrounding and area of thinking is too obvious
~ The force exert on person cannot be reduced but can be avoided
~ therefore the person could choose either to face the force or to avoid it.
~ For who prefer to face or receive the force they have to enlarge their area of thinking

Conclusion :
~ the pressure is one of the obstacle we have to face in life
~ every pressure have its own limit, we're the one who should find the limit
~ the large area of thinking is the most factor to reduce the pressure
~ Way to enlarge the are of thinking :

# being close to the one who give us the ability to think
# believe that everything is nothing in the world
# An optimis person think big problem is small and the pesimis person think small problem is big

Lastly, hope u'll be more determine to face the life.. have a happy life :)

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