Precious Holiday

What will you do when everbody blame on you?? What will you do when lot of problem press you down?? hurm... i luv a holiday when im depress, it was a precious holiday, 5 days 4 night at my hometown!!! last week i went to UIA all by myself, juz want to feel a university's student life, huk3 , amazing.. the day after i went back to my hometown... and my precious moments begins.. in the evening we've a cup af tea at the verandah while seeing my bro picking the coconuts, when the night comes then it bring along his bestfrensss.. mosquitoes.. huh let them bite ur skins, swallow ur blood, haha .. Then my mom set a barbeque... grilled catfish with a firewood to make ' pecal' . hurm.. delicious...marvellouss.. then my mom ask me to wash the clothes, i luv the moments i wash them with my hands!! After that i went to my cousin's house.. long time no see ya.. have fun with her cutest sister, aina.. huh how wonderful the life is...

maybe i've found nothing but i've learnt many things.. At the moment i was at UIA's library, i've tried to find the answers of my life's puzzles but nothing was found.. then i think that im juz a person n mybe im nothing to them ( i mean the students ) , coz no one cares who am i.. haha what a busy life they have... let them be who they deserve to...
hurm.. precious holidays at my hometown makes me appreciate every single moments and events happens in my life.. hurh.. i luv its air freshness ( is it rite??) and u'll immerse in ur own world.. hmm ok time to stop dreaming..

Dear my frensss,
i've learnt this : " i'll be a bush if i can't be a tree,i'll be a star if i can't be a moon, and i'll be a fren if i can't be a bestfren " :) :) :)

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